This week the band joined Tom McKay for an interview on his Metal Robot Radio show on Ignite Radio in Hamilton. Tom recently published an awesome video review of Esoteric Hobbies on his YouTube channel, Metal Robot Reviews, and the band really wanted to have a follow up chat with him in person on his show.



“Canadian locals Pterodactyl Problems just released their debut full album packed with 13 tracks and 53 minutes of some intense hard rock music. Does it live up to the hype?”

– Tom McKay (Metal Robot Reviews)


Pterodactyl Problems with Eric Alper on SIRIUSXM

Davey and Jack joined Eric Alper on the That Eric Alper show on Sirius XM to talk in depth about Pterodactyl Problems, the new album, and our approach to music, plus a bit about Davey’s drag persona.


Pterodactyl Problems to perform an unplugged benefit show for persons with Dementia

TO ALL MEDIA – February 19, 2019

“From Dementia sufferers to kids in long-term care, we want to perform for and bring our original music to diverse and often marginalized audiences”, says Pterodactyl Problems

“We want to encourage all Toronto bands to give back and take the time to perform for so many of those that just don’t have an opportunity to experience live original music”, says frontman Davey White.

  • Unplugged benefit concert scheduled for this Friday Feb 22nd, 1:00pm 
at the Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy

White continues, “There’s so many folks that experience things differently or are in a different place in their lives and I feel rock and roll is as much for them as it is for anyone. We have to do what we can each day to celebrate the love and joy that we can bring to others and to ourselves.”.

According to the band’s manager Greg Neely, “It’s important to us to turn the spotlight on how artists can do more to embrace community engagement and bring their talents to help enrich the lives of people that are often forgotten or ignored in society. 
There is nothing more powerful than art and human connection for enhancing quality of life.


photo by raph nogal



“As hard-hitting musically as it is emotionally, Paresthesia is the leadoff cut from the fiercely original band’s upcoming debut album Esoteric Hobbies, one the most distinctive, eccentric, ambitious and accomplished discs to hit the Canadian music scene in years.”

– Darryl Sterdan / Tinnitist

Read more about the story behind Paresthesia on Tinnitist.com


Pterodactyl Problems Release Cover of Adele’s Hit ‘Hello’

“With the same dramatic gravity of the original, but with an incredible rock finish, it’s definitely an ear-opener.” 

– Ghost Cult Magazine

EHReleaseParty_Poster_FB_Event_bkgd copy.jpg

tickets ARE NOW on sale. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

Join us on Friday March 8th for an unforgettable night as we celebrate the global release of our debut full-length album ‘Esoteric Hobbies’ at the legendary Lee’s Palace, joined by our friends The Reed Effect, Satanic Mills, and Bodhi Jar, plus newly announced MC Tanya Cheex!

“A gender-bending, genre-defiling, firebreathing entity whose musical DNA is woven together from strands of heavy alt-metal, folk, glam, prog, jazz, blues, classical and more.” – Darryl Sterdan

Poster design by Forge Media // Portrait photography by Michael Chao



Pterodactyl Problems were back with Andrew Krystal on SiriusXM channel 167 to talk more in-depth about their new music, Davey’s drag persona, the hard way to make money in the music business, and some big plans for 2019.


 Another pre-release Review of Esoteric Hobbies

“The thing I hate most is that you good people have to wait until the end of February to rock out to Pterodactyl Problem's Esoteric Hobbies. This totally sucks for you. Meanwhile, I'm over here doing a boot scooting boogie to something that is just gobsmackingly amazing! Within the first strains of the opening track I'm like... oh no they did -ent. OH Yesh, they fucking DID!!!! And it spiraled out of control from there. There is this swagger. This in your face fuck you! I love it. What does it sound like? It's like the Beatles, George Harrison, Rival Sons, Primus, DMB, type mish mash cornucopia of amazement! It's hard to categorize something sooooooo, just so. The guitar playing is amazing. It's super tight. The bass playing complements it and the drumming is bombastic and loud yet restrained and technical.

By 'Alone in the Cold' I was a super fan. It's like this 
Weezer type 90s college radio frenetic punk rock pogo-ing anthem. I truly love everything about it. 'Crazy' is a wonderful should be in an Off Broadway musical. Totally going to play this song over and over again! "... crazy wants what crazy wants and crazy knows what crazy is and I'm not sure if you agree but now I know crazy...." Dear God, I love those lyrics! It's so me! Like they wrote this album for me. And when you get to hear it in February, you'll be convinced they wrote the album for you! 'Breathe' is just a punch to the gut. The song is plaintive and emotive. It's beautifully written and flawlessly executed. I think my heart was ripped out while listening to it. It hurt to listen to it. Can I give Pterodactyl Problems a writing award for 'Breathe'? Lyrics and Composition? 10 out of 10?

Everything about the album Pterodactyl Problems elevates music. The compositions on Esoteric Hobbies are well crafted. They are fresh and invigorating. The lyrics are personal and touching. This is an album for all types of music lovers.”

– Victoria Anderson (The Evil DJ In Your Brain)

All Alone In The Cold Artwork Background Only.jpg
All Alone In The Cold Artwork.jpg

New Single: All Alone In The Cold

Our new Christmas single ‘All Alone In The Cold’, the second single off of our upcoming full-length album, is premiering now on thepunksite.com and wherever you get your music.



The band joined Andrew Krystal on Canada Talks to talk a bit about our upcoming album, our influences, and what it’s like to make music today. Huge thanks to Andrew and the team at SiriusXM for having us on the show.

Protest Single Artwork_rev3_150.jpg
Protest Single Artwork_rev3_150.jpg

new single: protest

‘Protest’, the first single from Pterodactyl Problems’s upcoming full-length record is now streaming on Glacially Music.


JUST in: A PRE-RELEASE review of esoteric hobbies

“As discussed yesterday, I think that I like emo and indie a fair bit more than I let on, but when combined tastefully with heavy music I think that these genres reach a new level of potential that is hard to put into mere words. Such is the case with Esoteric Hobbies the latest release from the masterful Toronto group. A project that fuses anthemic melodies, bitter angst and an overarching sense of crushing despair, Esoteric Hobbies continues to ebb and flow through my spirit and mesmerize me with its approach.

Pterodactyl Problems is a group who wear a lot of their influences on their sleeves. Hints of Weezer are found throughout, as are touches of American Football or even The Smiths. That being said, Esoteric Hobbies also does not shy away from heavier touches, allowing in elements of everyone from Black Sabbath to the Melvins. Yet this is not a record that really embraces heaviness for its own sake but rather uses it as a tool to illustrate powerful contrasts and exciting frills. It means that Esoteric Hobbies is a record that is unafraid to play ball with a variety of angles and approaches as it evolves.

Unafraid to sink into rip roaring rock boogies and thrilled on the more bombastic aspects of their sound, Esoteric Hobbies is a fun adventure through rock and roll madness. Pterodactyl Problems are clearly a group of super talented musicians who are bringing all sorts of cool new ideas and approaches to the fore with this new record. They have continued to expand their reputation and develop new concepts on this record and it leaves me extremely curious for more. Decidedly weird and diverse but never losing sight of the core sound, this is indie rock meets metal at its finest.”

– Matt Bacon (Two Guys Metal Reviews / IMP)

Esoteric Hobbies_Bkgd_full3.jpg

DEBUT ALBUM: Esoteric Hobbies

We are stoked to announce that ‘Esoteric Hobbies’, our debut full-length album is coming out March 8, 2019