Pterodactyl Problems is a heavy alt rock band that combines singer-songwriter compositions and vocals with crushing guitar, pounding drums, and a dash of punk and glam that results in a unique rock sound and one hell of a show.


“this is indie rock meets metal at its finest”

“Unafraid to sink into rip roaring rock boogies and thrilled on the more bombastic aspects of their sound, Esoteric Hobbies is a fun adventure through rock and roll madness”

– Matt Bacon (Two Guys Metal Reviews / IMP)



“AN in-your-face fuck you! I love it.”

“Everything about Pterodactyl Problems elevates music. The compositions on Esoteric Hobbies are well crafted. They are fresh and invigorating. The lyrics are personal and touching. This is an album for all types of music lovers.”

– Victoria Anderson (The Evil DJ In Your Brain)