pterodactyl problems are:

2019-03-08 Lee's Palace Indavidual-01.jpg

Davey White
Vocals, Guitar

2019-03-08 Lee's Palace Indavidual-02.jpg

Jack Neila

2019-03-08 Lee's Palace Indavidual-04.jpg

Ciarán Neely
Guitar, Bass

2019-03-08 Lee's Palace Indavidual-03.jpg

Oliver Salathiel


Pterodactyl Problems have risen to save rock from extinction — and not a moment too soon.

These fiercely original Torontonians are a gender-bending, genre-defiling hybrid gene-spliced from four distinct personalities: An outrageous frontman who probes dark emotional truths while clad in full drag; two unrepentant metalheads underpinning his devastating messages with crushing intensity; and a meticulous musical mad scientist sprinkling jazz, blues, classical and more into their alt-metal DNA. It aligns in their debut album Esoteric Hobbies — a dynamic, diverse disc that heralds the next stage in the evolution of rock. Those lucky enough to witness their high-energy performances know the awesome power of this four-headed, fire-breathing beast. The world won't be far behind. It's evolution, baby. Just in the nick of time.

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photo by raph nogal